One of these cavemen is an imposter and comes from the future, solve the visual puzzle in 10 seconds and prove you’re a genius.


More and more often, we enjoy testing our visual and intellectual skills by solving puzzles and challenges of a certain difficulty.

The more we do, the greater the chances of reaching a solution. It’s all a matter of mental exercise.

Today, we propose a fun game that shows cavemen engaged in activities typical of the Stone Age.

Among them, however, there is an imposter: someone comes from the future. Can you find him in just 10 seconds?

To solve this game, you need to concentrate and carefully observe the photo.

However, you have to do it quickly because you have only 10 seconds to find the solution.

Which of these cavemen is the imposter and comes from the future?

It’s about spotting that detail that suggests the correct answer.

Something is off in this image. All cavemen are engaged in activities typical of the Stone Age, from fire to graffiti.

Their clothing is also characteristic of that period. But someone among them is an intruder.

Solve the visual challenge, remembering that the time limit is 10 seconds.

With a bit more concentration, you can reach the final solution without any problems.

Try to identify that element that stands out from the rest of the image.

To easily solve a visual puzzle like this, all it takes is practice.

Good previous training, in fact, will have brought mental benefits and a certain ability to face these challenges.

If you’re not used to testing your visual abilities, it’s time to stimulate them with quizzes and puzzles.

If you’ve made it this far and found who among the cavemen is the imposter, congratulations.

Otherwise, look at the solution below.

Here’s who among the cavemen comes from the future.

Here’s who the imposter was.

The man circled in red is holding a torch, an object that could not belong to the Stone Age.

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