If you can find the only two people without a mask in 30 seconds, you’re a genius


Visual challenges have become an excellent pastime to spend a few minutes of one’s day in a fun and useful way.

Through analysis and careful observation, they stimulate one’s intellectual abilities useful for solving the quiz.

Indeed, mental games like these are increasingly popular on the web and social media in general.

Today, we propose one that reflects the period of the pandemic and Covid, when wearing a mask was mandatory.

In the image below, there is a multitude of people, all with the safety device, except two.

Try to find them in 30 seconds.

Today’s drawing was created by the South Korean illustrator Kicotoon, a great expert in visual challenges of this kind.

On his Instagram profile, you can find many types of images similar to this one we’re presenting, all following the comic book style.

Specifically, in this viral challenge, you have to find the only two people who are not wearing a mask in just 30 seconds.

Try to sharpen your sight and identify them within the time limit imposed.

It’s not easy to reach the solution of the challenge.

The presence of all these people creating a large crowd makes the game much more difficult.

Plus, there’s the time limit of 30 seconds to respect.

“The virus hasn’t disappeared yet. There are two citizens in town who still haven’t found a mask!

Find two people without a mask in 30 seconds!

After 30 seconds, both will die,” writes the author of the challenge.

To know the solution to the riddle, just keep reading and discover where the two people without masks are.

The two people without masks are the woman in the white dress and black hair who is 3 people above the taxi and the man in the blue suit next to the corner of the Corona Center building.

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