If you can find the bird in 6 seconds, you have great visual skills


We want to challenge you and put your mental abilities and powers of observation to the test with a game that has gone viral on the web.

The image we present shows a scene where people are enjoying a barbecue.

Some are cooking meat, some are eating, and some are playing.

However, one small detail has caught the attention of thousands of users.

In the image below, there is a hidden bird that has blended in well with its surroundings.

If you can find it in just 6 seconds, you have a brilliant mind and great problem-solving abilities.

Today’s visual challenge has quickly spread across social networks.

Many people have tried to solve the quiz within the 6-second time limit, but we assure you it’s not easy at all.

It requires activating all our visual abilities and sharpening our sight.

Finding the bird is not very easy if you’re not used to playing this kind of game.

A trained mind already knows that the bird will be hidden in a very particular spot.

The secret is to focus exclusively on the image and observe it as a whole. Where might it be camouflaged?

If the 6 seconds have passed and you want to know the solution to the visual challenge, all you have to do is look below and discover where the bird is.

However, the advice we give you is to keep challenging yourself and trying new quizzes to stimulate your mind and your visual abilities.

The bird was simply camouflaged in the blue skirt of the woman at the back who is carrying the drinks.

Share this challenge with your friends and test their visual skills.

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