Here is a tough one! Find the wife in this image!


Unraveling one of the most challenging puzzles involves locating the wife of a gentleman in the provided picture.

Visual puzzles, as we have discussed, have historical roots in various countries, with France, England, Italy, and Imperial Russia notably contributing to this trend.

Our extensive experience in creating, studying, and solving such puzzles allows us to present them to you daily.

However, there have been only two instances in our memory where we were unable to solve a puzzle ourselves, prompting us to seek assistance from our subscribers and channel guests.

Today presents the third case, featuring a riddle discovered in the “Petersburg Newspaper” No. 92 (313) – 1913.

The image portrays a room with a bed, occupied by a man around 70-80 years old who persists in the bad habit of “smoking in bed.”

Accompanying him is his beloved cat, Duska.

Intriguingly, the artist claims to have hidden the man’s wife in the picture and challenges viewers to locate her within the room.

While we eagerly anticipate your answers in the comments, we must confess that, despite our efforts, we couldn’t decipher the correct answer.

However, there are speculative assumptions suggesting that the woman might be represented by the pillow, resembling her face.

The enigma lingers, and we invite you to share your insights on where the elusive wife may be hiding in the picture.

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