Only geniuses can find the fairy godmother!


Let’s dive into another entertaining picture puzzle – this time featuring a mischievous fairy godmother!

Your challenge is to spot the magical creature in just 30 seconds to pass the test, or aim for an impressive 10 seconds to join the top 1% of our viewers.

Ready? Set? Go!

If you successfully located the fairy godmother within the allotted time, congratulations! Now, don’t forget to make your wish.

For those still struggling, fear not, as many viewers find it challenging.

Is the lady in the red dress the fairy godmother, or is it someone less obvious?

Here are a few hints to guide you in your search: The fairy godmother appears as a young lady, thanks to her magical abilities.

Despite having the freedom to choose any dress, she remains humble, avoiding stealing the spotlight from the couple.

And most importantly, the fairy godmother always carries her magic wand with her wherever she goes!

So, how long did it take you to pass our first test?

Share your experience in the comments, and let the magical quest continue!

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