If you can find the pineapple in the kitchen, you are truly intelligent!


The web is full of visual challenges that test our observation skills and attention to detail.

One of the most popular visual games recently is the ‘Pineapple Hunt’ test.

In this article, we challenge you to test your abilities by looking at an image of a kitchen, where your trained eyes must spot the pineapple.

Prepare to put your attention, visual perception, and ability to identify hidden details into action.

Whether you are a fan of visual puzzles or simply seeking stimulating fun, this test will offer an engaging experience.

Imagine being in your home kitchen: furniture, appliances, utensils, and ingredients scattered everywhere.

Now, imagine that within this disorder, there is a small hidden pineapple. Your task is to find it.

It may seem simple, but be warned: the deceptive nature of the drawing will make the pineapple hunt a challenging task.

Now is the time to start the test. You will need to carefully examine the image and focus on the details, searching for the hidden pineapple.

Remember that the pineapple could be camouflaged among the objects in the kitchen, and your ability to discern colors, shapes, and contrasts will be crucial for success in the search.

As you can see, the kitchen is filled with objects. There is a basket of fruit, water, a knife holder, and the typical items we can find inside, such as sugar and salt.

Despite appearances being deceiving, there is a hidden pineapple.

If you couldn’t find it, don’t despair; we’ll provide the solution.

The pineapple you were looking for is at the bottom left, inside the cabinet behind the jar.

With a color very similar to the background, it blends in well and is difficult to spot.

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