If you are a genius find the hidden pencil: the attention test that many found challenging to overcome


Find an object in the picture that is well-hidden among the others.

I remember that in my childhood, the whole family loved finding differences in drawings or simply searching for the requested item in the task.

My older sister turned out to have the sharpest eyes.

But I also tried to keep up. We took it as entertainment.

But it wasn’t just fun, it was also useful. After all, with its help, we could keep our mindfulness up to date.

A sense of childhood pride awakened when everyone almost gave up, no one saw the hidden object.

And I found it! Dad at that moment made a face of admiration and shouted the slogan: ‘Here you are, sharp eyes!’

Would you like to test your strength in a similar task?

I propose finding a pencil among the many books in the image at the top of the article.

Even better if you try to complete the task in record time.

Check it out and write your result in the comments.

Some people manage to find the object in a matter of seconds.

They probably played many games like this when they were children.

‘Not even a second has passed. I immediately realized,’ ‘I didn’t notice, but it seems like 5 seconds have passed, I saw it right away,’ write those who have already passed the test and were lucky to quickly complete the task.

It’s true that there are very few lucky ones.

After all, many have to look at the picture for a long time.

And some can’t find the pencil at all. At the end of the article, I’ll show you where it’s hidden, in case you also can’t see it.

If the task captivated you, you will find others like it on our website.

Among the many tasks, examples, puzzles, you will also find attention tasks to find objects or differences.

The pencil is green, so in the photo where there are many green books, it will be difficult to distinguish.

Look for it at the bottom, closer to the right corner of the image.

Did you find what you read in our article interesting and useful? Did you manage to find a pencil quickly?

Do you like these tasks? Write us in the comments if you succeeded, if not, don’t be discouraged, you’ve stirred up a few neurons, just keep training your brain.

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