Find the differences between the two images and prove you have the eyes of a hawk


At first glance, the two images below may seem almost identical, but they actually differ in some details.

Take on this new visual challenge and try to solve it in 30 seconds.

If you manage to complete the game in time, you demonstrate having a very keen eye.

You need to be particularly focused and notice the smallest details that may differ between one photo and the other.

These kinds of pastimes are very useful both for entertaining yourself and dedicating a few minutes of your day to a total relaxation break.

In fact, they also serve to disconnect from the daily routine.

By concentrating on solving the problem, your mind will be distracted and won’t dwell on what bothers you the most.

It must also be said that these skill games are very useful for stimulating the brain and having an agile and alert mind.

Encouraging cerebral activity by engaging in intelligence tests and logic challenges is an excellent way to enhance your intellectual abilities.

In today’s game, you must find the differences, but watch the time. You only have 30 seconds.

What are the differences between the two images?

And, most importantly, how many are there?

Stay focused and carefully observe all the different details.

Every detail can be so imperceptible that it might go unnoticed.

To help you solve the game, we’ll give you a little hint: you need to find three differences in total.

Time yourself and do not exceed 30 seconds.

If you are curious to know the solution, look below, and you will find it.

The three differences are all circled in red: the shorter flag, the girl’s hat, and the different handle of the stick.

If you solved the challenge on your own, we congratulate you.

Otherwise, keep training your mind to be better prepared next time

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