If you have halk eyes, find the mistake in this image!


Engaging in mind teasers can be a rewarding way to challenge your brain during your leisure time.

A recent puzzle circulating on social media has left many perplexed, prompting participants to scrutinize a room filled with office items and identify what’s amiss.

While it may initially seem straightforward, most individuals struggle to spot the mistake.

Take a moment to examine the photo featuring an office table adorned with a laptop, lamp, mouse, telephone, calendar, cellphone, and a cup.

Could there be an issue with the chair or the table itself?

Before revealing the solution, consider this hint: focus on the laptop, as there’s something awry with the gadget.

Take another look at the photo before scrolling down for the answer.

Still uncertain? Here’s a clue that may guide you: the laptop is missing the space bar.

The space bar, the longest key on the keyboard located in the lowermost row, is noticeably absent in this case.

How did you fare in solving this puzzle?

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