Only 1% can find the mistake in this picture!


Test your skills and spot the mistake in the picture within a speedy 3 seconds.

It’s a race against time—only those who stay focused and think quickly under pressure will emerge victorious.

Put on your thinking cap, concentrate hard, and get ready for a brain teaser that will put your observation skills to the test.

Can you find the mistake? Let’s dive in!

In this puzzle, a group of girls is shopping at a city mall during a 50% sale.

But hold on—there’s a catch, a big mistake hidden in plain sight!

Only eagle-eyed detail enthusiasts can hope to solve it.

Can you spot the mistake before time runs out? The clock is ticking!

Snap! Did you spot the mistake? Congratulations if you did!

If not, no worries—this one’s tough. Scroll down to reveal the answer and unravel the solution.

The subtle mistake: Check out the girl in the purple dress. Did you catch it?

She’s wearing two right shoes! That’s right—her feet sport a mismatched pair, a clever twist that can stump even the sharpest minds.

Found the mistake in 3 seconds? Bravo, puzzle-solving prodigy!

Astounding us with razor-sharp wit and unwavering focus, you’re a puzzle-solving superhero with unmatched cognitive abilities.

Took 4-6 seconds? No sweat! Your determination is gold and will conquer any obstacle.

With persistence and practice, you’ll be a puzzle-solving pro in no time.

Couldn’t find it in time? No worries!

Your willingness to take on the challenge shows a drive to learn and improve problem-solving skills—a superpower.

Keep at it, and you’ll be a puzzle-solving master in the making!

Enjoyed the challenge? Share the fun with friends and challenge them to spot the mistake!

Don’t forget to drop your results in the comments and see how you fare among puzzle masters.

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