Optical illusion: find the hidden grape among the flowers in less than 12 seconds


How do you fare with logical quizzes and visual puzzles?

Today we present a test that challenges your attention with a floral image where a detail is hidden for you to identify.

In the photo below, a series of colorful flowers, each different from the others, are depicted.

Hidden among these flowers is a grape.

If you find it within just 12 seconds, you have exceptional vision.

Today’s challenge seems like an optical illusion, an image that deceives the mind and presents a distorted reality.

Finding the grape is not easy, both due to the difficulty of the test itself and the time limit imposed.

You only have 12 seconds to come up with the solution to the quiz.

Spending a few minutes of your day on these types of pastimes brings numerous benefits to the brain.

In addition to having positive effects for relieving stress and relaxing the mind, you also have the opportunity to stimulate your intellectual abilities.

Returning to the challenge, did you manage to find the hidden grape among the flowers?

If you solved the visual quiz on your own, it means you have a remarkable problem-solving ability.

Not only did you identify it correctly, but you also did it in record time.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t found the solution to the test yet, it’s time to reveal it. Look below, and you will understand where the grape was hidden.

The hidden grape blended well into the flower image. It is precisely inside the red circle, on the left side of the photo.

Only a few managed to find the grape because its color was practically the same as the leaf.

So, mental effort was required to identify the grape’s shape.

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