Psychological test: The action you choose to take first will reveal a lot about your character


All of us, every single day of our lives, are forced to make decisions, some of them simple, while others are complex.

In any case, each decision we make leads to consequences, and therefore, it would be important to understand what influences our choices.

Obviously, one of the main factors is the basic situation, but there are many other factors that influence, including our character.

In fact, the latter has significant importance and influence.

Today, with this test, we will help you discover many hidden aspects of your character, just by understanding which action you choose to take first.

You have no specific time limits in this test, but you must be honest and instinctive to obtain true answers.

The action you choose to take first will reveal a lot about your character and your nature.

Action character

As you can see in this image, there are several things to do.

In fact, the kettle is whistling, the baby is crying, the dog is destroying the sofa, and the phone is ringing.

The action you choose to do first will reveal many secrets about your character.

You can choose only one action, the one that you believe has priority over the others. Let’s discover what each choice means.


If your first choice is to turn off the kettle’s fire, it means that you are dynamic and passionate individuals.

You often make decisions quickly and instinctively.

You don’t like monotony, but you also don’t like surprises.

What makes you feel calm and serene is the security and certainty of events.

Dog on the sofa

If you chose the dog, it shows that you are orderly and perfectionist individuals.

Disorder makes you very nervous because you are very attached to objects and material goods.

Often, people ask you for advice because you know how to manage every situation optimally.

Crying baby

The crying baby as the first choice shows that you are calm and logical individuals.

You know well how to face every adversity, even if it requires your sacrifice.

You don’t like loneliness, and that’s why you surround yourself with trustworthy and loyal people who are unlikely to abandon you.

Ringing phone

Action character

If you chose the ringing phone as the first action, it means that you are focused and determined individuals.

This determination is aided by a great adaptability, both to situations and to people.

You are very sociable, but often you can’t handle others’ mistakes as well as you would with your own.

If you enjoyed this personality test, you have the opportunity to discover many other secrets about your character with other tests like this.

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