In this optical illusion, two faces are hidden. Find them and demonstrate your formidable vision!


What we present to you today is a somewhat vintage optical illusion that seems to have come out of a magazine from another era.

The image is on a sepia background and is hand-drawn, with skillful and precise strokes indicating that having fun with this type of mental test is not a new game, but dates back many years.

The image hides two faces among the lines, but you won’t find them at first glance!

You need to carefully observe the contours and shading of the drawing to be able to identify them.

In this drawing, which apparently depicts a man with an umbrella, an enigma is hidden: it takes concentration and attention to the details and different shapes skillfully traced by the artist.

The two hidden faces will only be revealed if you are able to apply to your eyes a filter of precision and accuracy worthy of a superior mind.

It won’t be easy, but you’ll have fun testing your visual skills, and it will be excellent training for your brain!

These enigmatic games are a perfect method to keep our minds in shape, pushing them to the limits of immediate visual perception, to go beyond normal cognitive boundaries.

Are you ready for the challenge? Then concentrate, look closely at the image from every point of view, trying to analyze the entirety of the drawing without dwelling on what you see at first glance.

Optical illusions are mental games that challenge our usual reasoning abilities and invite us to use brain areas that we cannot fully exploit in everyday life.

Have you found the two faces? This image is a blend of challenge and fun, illusion and reality, perception and critical gaze, game, and science.

Nothing better to spend some leisure time, leveraging our intellectual abilities.

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