Only IQs above the average can see the hidden dog in this image!


IQ and observation tests are very interesting as they allow us to test our abilities and mental agility.

Today, we have a very fun visual challenge! It’s an apparently simple image, but where it’s very difficult to find a hidden dog.

Only great geniuses will manage to find the hidden dog in the image in 5 seconds!

This trial involves finding the hidden dog in a picture of a park.

It’s fun and very interesting. You need to look at the image carefully to find where the dog is hiding.

Indeed, it is well hidden. You can take your time to find the dog, but if you’re a true genius, you should be able to do it in 5 seconds!

So, you’ll have to lock yourself in and find where it’s hiding.

It’s not so easy to find, but with a little practice, you should get there!

The solution is given in the image below, where the (pug) dog is circled.

It was just hidden in the metal hoop of the bench.

Did you find the dog?

Did you manage to find the hidden dog in the image in 5 seconds?

Was it easy or difficult?

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