Keep an eye on every detail and discover who the pregnant woman is in 5 seconds


How do you fare with logical reasoning? Test your IQ with a new challenge that’s trending on social media.

You’ll need to unleash all your deductive skills to find the solution.

Observe the image below and try to understand which of the three women is the only one pregnant.

However, you’ll only have 5 seconds to do so. Start the timer and keep your concentration high.

The image shows the legs of three women.

Based on what you see, you’ll need to understand the detail that makes the difference in finding the solution to today’s test.

It’s about being attentive and observing with particular scrutiny what is crucial to uncover the pregnant woman.

Only those with excellent deductive skills will reach the end of the challenge with the answer in hand.

The test presents the image of three women: the first one wears red heels, the second one wears socks, and the third one is barefoot with noticeably neglected feet.

Which of the three is the only one expecting? Use your head and try to deduce what could be the key factor in resolving the test.

Are you curious to know the answer to the question?

Soon you will understand who the pregnant woman is and, above all, why.

Continue to keep your mind trained by practicing in new challenges and intelligence tests.

The pregnant woman is the one marked with the red circle.

The reason is simply related to how she wears the socks.

One is all twisted, a sign that she had to put them on with particular effort. So, precision was lacking.

If you managed to understand the solution, we congratulate you.

You have a remarkable observant spirit and a particular attention to detail.

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