Find the 3 differences in 20 seconds: if you can, you’re an excellent observer!


How do you fare with skill games and visual challenges? Today, we present a test aimed at stimulating your mental abilities and, above all, your attention to detail.

The two images below may appear identical at first glance, but in reality, they differ in three details.

It’s up to you to uncover the differences.

However, be aware that there’s a time limit of only 20 seconds to solve today’s game.

Stimulating the mind by engaging in games and hobbies of this kind is essential to keep your intellect always responsive and ready to solve various problems.

Indeed, through exercise with this type of game, the brain trains, making it easy to find solutions to challenges and skill tests.

Specifically for today’s game, you need to be prepared and have a keen eye.

The two images represent two seemingly identical pandas.

However, there are three differences that make the two animals no longer identical.

Where are these different details? Only if you take less than 20 seconds can you consider yourself an excellent player with good mental abilities.

Time is about to expire, and it’s time to find the solution to the test.

If you took more than 20 seconds or missed some differences, don’t be discouraged.

Only good training can improve your mental abilities.

Now, looking below, you can see for yourself where the three differences were between the images.

The differences consisted of the missing tuft, the overly long eyelash, and the leaf, which was also longer than in the first image.

If you solved the challenge in time, congratulations.

Otherwise, we recommend you continue training to improve your performance.

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