Give it a shot and find the hidden turtle in 20 seconds!


A viral picture puzzle featuring a concealed turtle among a cluster of lily pads has left viewers scratching their heads.

In the image below, a pond’s surface is adorned with vibrant flowers and lily pads, creating an idyllic scene.

However, within this picturesque setting, an unexpected guest lurks—a green turtle seamlessly blending into its surroundings!

The challenge? Most viewers struggle to spot the turtle within a mere 60 seconds.

Do you think you can rise to the occasion? If you examine the image closely, you might discern the turtle’s small head and legs.

For those unable to uncover its hiding spot, the solution awaits below!

Set the timer and let’s see if adding “finding hidden turtles” is a skill you can boast about on your resume.

So, did you manage to locate the elusive turtle within the given time, or was this puzzle a bit too tricky for you?

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