Only a true higher IQ can spot the odd little duckling in this image


What’s an IQ test? Nothing more and nothing less than a formidable method to gauge your insight!

Usually, pros like psychologists take on this task.

But on the internet, no worries, you can assess yourself alone, calmly, and get results right away.

Nothing complicated: hop, dive into a visual illusion game.

So, ready to solve the puzzle in a few seconds flat?

It’s time to show what you’re made of. Analyze the visual game below and get ready to confront your potential.

Why bother with an IQ test?

You see, taking on a visual challenge like an IQ test can teach you a thing or two about your insight and presence of mind.

In fact, these optical illusions reveal how exceptional we can be, far from the beaten path.

To top it off, the more you do them, the more you develop your sense of attention, and that’s useful for everything in life.

Want more? No problem, throw yourself wholeheartedly into this simple IQ test.

Solve the puzzle to boost your mind, which will become focused and analytical, sharper than ever.

Find the duck that stands out in this image.

For this IQ test, your vision has to be spot-on. The visual game that follows challenges you to spot the different duck in the image below.

If your eye is sharp, this challenge will seem like a breeze. Attention, though: you only have 15 seconds to achieve it!

How to succeed in this IQ test with this visual puzzle?

Thanks to this IQ test, you’ll know if you have the insight of a hawk.

A quality said to manifest through a great ability to notice, feel, sense, or even have a preference.

Well, individuals with a high IQ have this innate talent. In fact, just by succeeding in this visual puzzle, you prove how insightful you are.

Certainly, not everyone has this ability, but it is possible to strengthen and develop it.

Don’t waste a second, immerse yourself in the game!

And the answer is…

The different duck is seated in the sixth row from the top.

And then, to give you a little boost, from the left edge of the image, it is sitting in the fifth column.

It has something special: the curve on its wings is a tad more pronounced than the others.

If you spotted it in less than 15 seconds, then hats off, you passed your IQ test.

You can boast about it: you are quite a perceptive person.

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