Are you submissive or dominant in your romantic relationships? Take this test to find out!


So, tell me, are you the type to always pull the strings, or rather the kind to go with the flow in your romantic relationships?

This little test, my friends, will reveal your true nature!

Our behavioral inclinations in the world of Cupid can be shaped by the influence of our parents, the environment we are immersed in, and of course, our own personality.

No surprise for some, they clearly prefer to take the reins, with the troublesome habit of controlling everything and everyone, including the existence of their significant other.

Because, you see, a life spent making decisions, being the captain of our own ship, can leave traces.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are those who, it seems, are born to execute the desires of their romantic partner.

Going with the flow, yielding to influence, is their norm.

One may wonder if they really have a voice, a will.

And, of course, these good little soldiers end up going in circles in a toxic cycle, losing all control over their lives, and only executing the commands of those who think they know better than themselves what suits them.

Does this sound familiar? Does an echo resonate in your mind when you visualize your past or present relationships?

Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these two profiles? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

However, becoming aware of these traits that can undermine our surroundings and ourselves is a crucial step to become more pleasant and balanced life companions, much to everyone’s delight.

Come on, I challenge you: try this little authenticity test and find out which specific relationship pattern you correspond to.

Are you in? So, take a look at the image below and tell me what is the first element you see: the cat or the shoe?

Avoid cheating, let your eyes do their job.

You have your answer? Well, scroll down a bit in the text and find out what it says about you!

And now, let’s move on to the test results!

If you saw the shoe first

Well, that reveals that you have a tendency to let your partner take the lead in your relationships.

Your generous and peaceful empathy often leads you to sacrifice your well-being for the happiness of the other.

But beware, constantly feeling tied to the desires of others is neither natural nor healthy.

Keep in mind that your kindness should not turn you into a doormat.

If you saw the cat first

Well, clearly, this means that in your relationships, it’s always you who wears the pants.

With your strong and dynamic character, you always think you’re right and want the other to bend to your desires.

Little scoop: you’re not the king of the world, and you shouldn’t always be the one who gets their way.

The secret to successful relationships? Balance, sharing. Remember that!

If you see both elements at the same time

You flutter between authority and submission depending on the days and your mood.

You can switch from being the master or mistress to being second, which can confuse and hinder the development of your relationships.

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