5 butterflies are hiding… but 89.1% can’t find them in less than 25 seconds!


Unleash your visual acuity and intellectual resourcefulness with optical illusions and visual mysteries, real tools for mental stimulation.

Sometimes anxiety-inducing, sometimes captivating, they are particularly distracting when created to put the neurons to the test.

This is precisely the case with the visual puzzle we are introducing here—the image hides five butterflies and must be decoded in less than 25 seconds.

Only the most gifted individuals will be able to meet this intellectual-sensory challenge.

Designed as a complex puzzle, this mystery image is scattered with fleeting details and blending hues, making the task challenging.

Indeed, only those with outstanding visual acuity will be able to locate the butterflies, with the timer ticking inexorably to add spice to the task.

In this article, we will examine this puzzle image from all angles, study why it is so tricky to decipher, and highlight how brilliant minds can solve it in less than 25 seconds.

So, are you ready to embark on the adventure, consult your sagacity, and see if you are skilled enough to spot the five butterflies hidden in this image in less than 25 seconds?

This illusory floral fresco is the work of the Hungarian artist Gergely Dudas, better known by his pseudonym Dudolf.

It features a lush flower bed in which five butterflies have sneaked in.

This tricolored floral image and its unsuspected intruder (a badger!) invite you to discover the cleverly hidden butterflies.

It is actually a visual test inviting the explorers among you to discover the 5 butterflies camouflaged in the details of the image.

Only those as sharp as a royal bird are capable of spotting the 5 butterflies in 25 seconds, according to the mastermind behind this optical illusion, as the differences between insects and flowers are almost indiscernible.

This little eye game is part of an entertaining intelligence measurement experience.

That said, the passage of a formal IQ test remains the preferred method for assessing your IQ.

Did you manage to discover the 5 butterflies in 25 seconds?

Spotting all 5 butterflies in the image is a tour de force, especially with some skillfully concealed among the flowers.

However, a focused look is enough to detect the presence of the 5 butterflies.

To guide you, here is where the 5 butterflies are nestled in the image above.

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