You must find 1 ball and 1 butterfly hidden in this living room to pass this visual challenge


So, let’s be honest: we’ve all wondered, haven’t we? What’s the level of our vision quality?

Are you the type to effortlessly spot a lost object amidst chaos? Well, if you feel like testing this ability, I present to you our new optical challenge!

But beware, even the eyes of an eagle won’t be enough for this test, and needless to say, you’ll need lightning-fast speed to compete.

Only 5% of participants have managed to complete this challenge within the allotted time.

Indeed, the seconds tick away quickly: you have only 7 seconds to complete this IQ test.

Eager to give it a try? Well then, let’s go: here’s what you need to do.

The current visual challenge: spot a ball and a butterfly.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to focus all your attention and visual acuity on a single task: search for a ball and a butterfly in a visual maze.

So, get ready, keep your eyes wide open, and scrutinize the image carefully.

The goal is to detect these two elements within 7 seconds of spotting them.

Easy to say, right? But wait until you see it in practice: you’ll quickly realize that the task is tricky, with over 90% stumbling on the first attempt…

Missed it? Don’t worry, here are some tips to help you.

Well, despite intense concentration, no sign of the ball or butterfly amid the chaos of the old lady and her cats?

No stress, we’re here to help! We’ll add a few precious seconds to your quota to give you another chance, following these tips.

For example, try looking for objects with shapes and textures similar to what you’re aiming for.

By scrutinizing more meticulously, you’ll find that some contours can be misleading and hide specific shapes, such as those of a bone or a butterfly.

I admit, this vision test can be subtly tricky. If you followed the tips given earlier, you might have managed to unearth the hidden objects.

But if the old lady and her surroundings remain a puzzle for you, don’t worry, we’ll unravel the solution for you.

If you give your eye a second chance around the basket of yarn near the lady, you’ll eventually spot a blue ball.

As for the butterfly, examine the old armchair carefully, and you’ll see that our little winged butterfly hides there perfectly.

Bingo, did you manage to spot them? And how much time did it take?

Did you enjoy this challenge, and do you want more?

Don’t move, we have plenty of other visual challenges and IQ tests to keep you entertained and challenged!

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