Try to find the bunny among the cats in these 2 pictures!


Gergely Dudás, the illustrator also known as Dudolf, has once again created a captivating seek-and-find puzzle that will have you scouring every corner of your screen for the solution.

Known for his diverse puzzles, ranging from animal-themed challenges like finding a mouse among squirrels to holiday favorites such as a pumpkin missing its nose or a ghost hanging out with skeleton friends, Dudás keeps his fans engaged.

In his latest brain teaser, you’re tasked with finding the bunny among the cats.

Dudolf, the creator of the Fox & Rabbit series and three large books featuring search and quest puzzles for Halloween, Christmas, and spring, showcases his talent not only in books but also on social media platforms and websites.

Dudolf’s puzzles come in varying levels of difficulty, ranging from quick solves that take mere seconds to more challenging ones requiring around five minutes.

The quest to find the bunny among the cats falls into the former category, although it might take a bit longer for some.

Once you locate it, you might find yourself wondering how you didn’t spot it sooner (it happened to me!).

If you’ve successfully found the bunny, congratulations! Carry on with your day.

For those still struggling, focus your search on the left side of the brain teaser—it’s there, I assure you!

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