Find the one who left the room at night!


Ready for the ultimate test of your eyes and mind with a series of picture puzzles?

Riddles and brainteasers are not just entertaining; they also offer various health benefits, making them an excellent way to spend your free time.

Now, in this first puzzle, five children are peacefully sleeping in their beds.

At first glance, everything seems normal.

However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice an open window.

One of the kids snuck out at night and forgot to close it upon returning!

Your mission: investigate and gather evidence to identify the culprit who ventured out.

Need a hint? It’s freezing outside, and bare feet can reveal a lot!

Ready for the answer? The girl on the left side of the image snuck out at night, and when she returned, she even forgot to remove her shoes!

If you found this problem too easy, don’t worry—there’s an even more challenging visual challenge waiting for you.

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