Try to find the bee hiding among those gorgeous flowers!


We all know the importance of welcoming bees into our gardens, but spotting one in this puzzle might prove to be a challenge.

A deviously tricky new brainteaser from Swift Direct Blinds invites players to locate the hidden bumblebee in a vibrant flower bed.

The puzzle is a mosaic of brown, cream, and red hues, making it exceptionally challenging to spot the insect.

The intricate pattern provides ample hiding spots for the crafty critter, and the company reports that the current record for finding the bee is set at 63 seconds.

Can you outdo that? If you’re still struggling, fear not!

For those with keen eyes, the answer lies below: the bumblebee perches on a yellow petal.

If distinguishing between raspberry and red ocher proves challenging, there’s good news—you can actually enhance your color perception through the enjoyable practice of solving visual riddles!

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