Spot the concealed tiny heart among the flamingos. Also find the robot in the second picture!


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but for many, the joy of the season has been overshadowed by a seemingly endless January and the challenges of 2020, a year that many consider the worst ever.

To reignite the holiday spirit, we’ve gathered 10 heartwarming brainteasers featuring love, hearts, candy, and flowers—everything you need to get back in the romantic groove.

Take a look at these puzzles, and challenge yourself to beat the average completion times.

Feeling puzzled? The solution is hidden somewhere in the top left corner.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Now, let’s tackle this one together.

Gergely Dudás, an illustrator from Hungary, specializes in creating puzzles where he conceals various elements, from tiny hearts and Easter eggs to bears and cats.

He shares these mind-bending creations on his personal website and even has his own collection of books.

Speaking of intelligence, have you heard of IQ, or intelligence quotient?

It’s a numerical representation of a person’s reasoning ability, calculated by dividing their score on a specific test by their age and then multiplying the result by 100!

And now, the moment of truth—the answer to the puzzle!

Brace yourself, as this one proved to be quite challenging.

On average, it takes a person 34 seconds to spot the robot hidden in this sea of Valentine’s dates. How did you fare?

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