A faithful dog waits four years for his humans in the same place where he lost them.


When it comes to describing a dog, the first word that comes to mind is loyalty. This ability of dogs is incredible.

This touching story is a good example, proving once again their inexplicable loyalty.

A few years ago, the story of loyal dog Leo, who has been patiently waiting for his humans in the exact same spot for over 4 years, went viral on the pages of social networks.

No one knows how poor Leo was left near the gas station 4 years ago. The loyal dog missed his owners dearly, and he hasn’t left this place, where he lost them, in the hope of seeing them again.

Leo looked very thin and ill. Apparently, he had a skin disease. Passers-by wanted to help the poor starving dog by feeding him.

What’s more, a kind woman named Saowalak offered him her home, but Léo escaped from her house and returned to the same place, where he was waiting for his family.

The merciful woman continued to feed him every day. One day, a passer-by spotted the poor dog and thought he was a stray, but as soon as he heard his sad story, he tried to help the desperate dog find his owners.

He intended to use Facebook to post photos of Leo and his story.

And he didn’t have long to wait, as soon as someone reacted, recognizing his lost dog BonBon in these photos. It was a miracle.

When he arrived to see the dog, there was no doubt that it was his missing dog. Leo was so happy to finally meet his human, but Leo didn’t want to follow him.

He decided to live with the kind woman who had taken care of him for so many years.

The owner had to respect his choice. Let’s hope Leo is now very happy with his new caring owner.

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