World’s most attractive as babies, their beauty has only blossomed with time. Get ready to be mesmerized by their stunning looks now!


California-born twins Ava and Lee Clements stole not only their parents’ hearts but also the admiration of the entire world with their undeniable beauty.

Their father, Kevin, a tall and dark-haired swimming coach with a decorated past, and their mother, Jackie, blessed with symmetrical features and captivating green eyes, passed down their best qualities to their daughters.

Even their older brother Chase, at 12 years old, possesses a striking appearance.

Relatives and friends often suggested modeling for the twins, but their parents believed in allowing them to make their own choices.

When Ava and Leah turned 7, their mother shared her thoughts on a modeling career, prompting them to leap with joy.

Now, the siblings work together, engaging in various photo shoots and exhibitions.

With Jackie managing a women’s social media account, their daughters have amassed a substantial following of over 1 million devoted fans.

Eager to establish their own brand, their parents have even incorporated the twin symbol into their designs, setting the stage for a promising future.

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