A photograph of a crocodile father he is carrying 100 babies got widespread all over the world


Dhritiman Mukherjee, an Indian photojournalist, stayed in the Chambal National Park for a number of weeks.

And it was there that he captured an amazing image of a massive crocodile swimming along the holy river while carrying 100 tiny offspring on its broad back.

Due to the deterioration of circumstances in their native environment, Ganges inhabitants are in danger of going extinct.

There are currently about 650 mature members of this endangered species in Nepal and India, with the majority of them—500—residing in Chambala.

These unusual amphibians can reach lengths of over 4 metres and weigh up to 900 kilogrammes.

Other crocodiles carry their young in their mouths, but the Gangetic gharials’ muzzle is long and narrow, and their canines are extremely sharp.

As a result, members of this species have decided to transport their young differently, by carrying them on their broad backs.

Huge male Mukherjee, who most likely coupled with seven or eight females, is seen in the image.

All of the baby crocodiles climbed up onto the father’s back, showing that the males are the ones who carry the females.

The image, which was captured by a gifted and patient shooter, won the challenge held by the Natural History Museum in London.

One of the candidates for Wildlife Photographer of the Year is Mukherjee.

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