After losing 200 kilos, the girl is now about 4 times smaller. And this is how she looks


You know, it frequently occurs for someone to constantly lament their weight while doing nothing to change it other for continuing to sit on the sofa and eat sandwiches.

With Nikki, our day’s heroine, that’s precisely what transpired.

According to the youngster, she has always enjoyed to eat a lot and has never been afraid to ask for vitamins.

She also “got hooked” on sweets as a stress reliever when she began experiencing issues with her schoolmates.

The daughter would grow out of it, the hormonal environment would shift, and everything would be great, according to the parents, who also had this belief.

But it didn’t go like that. And by the time she was 34, Nikki weighed about 300 kg!

Of course, the girl’s health depended on it.

She sought assistance from the “I weigh 300 kg” program, where experts assist participants in losing extra weight.

The child was given the option of having surgery to decrease her stomach, but she would first need to drop at least 20 kg.

It took precisely three months.

Nikki was quite concerned that following surgery, her appetite would not go away and she would start putting on the weight she had lost.

However, with the help of psychologists, she was able to lose 100 kilogrammes by controlling her eating habits and linking exercise.

Unfortunately, the girl’s look was also affected by her weight reduction, as there was a lot of drooping skin.

She underwent surgery to remove extra skin after reducing her weight to 160 kilos, so she is still down 25 kilogrammes.

Nikki Webster is no longer recognisable. She now carries 90 kilogrammes.

She eats well and does not feel sorry for herself at all at the gym, so this is not the end of it.

Such a change boosted her self-confidence, enhanced her health, and made it easier for her to organise her personal life.

Nikki is happily married and has many aspirations for the future.

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