Up to the very 18th… No one takes this elderly man seriously


Over the past 18 years, a specific individual has been digging a deep hole since he is such a phenomenon of a workaholic.

Only because 18 years ago, a voice from above or someone whispered to him instructed him to dig.

Since then, at the age of 69, this small guy of Salvadoran descent has continued to rise at three in the morning, spend the entire day hiding in an open tunnel.

And then climb back by sunset while carrying around 40 kilos of earth that he digs out of his mine on his shoulders.

Salvodorets anticipates that it will take a while to dig a tunnel before the same voice instructs him that it is sufficient.

He contrasts his efforts with that of Noah, whose life is chronicled in the Genesis book.

Noah experiences the same problem since they too did not believe him and did not offer to assist him.

Although his supporters and some intrepid onlookers who want to descend inside his tunnel, most people do not trust him.

The scarcity of oxygen deep below is the only reason why none of the visitors could make it to the other end of the tube.

According to the guy, who claims to be one of the selected few who can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s strange, but this man is not the only one who craves depth.

A guy by the name of Schmidt spent 32 years with his bare hands excavating a 2087 meter tunnel under a mountain in the Mojave Desert in El Paso, Texas, in the southwest of the United States of America.

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