See what the unusual newborn boy who was born with white hair looks like after nine years


One time in 2012, a miracle took place. Redd, Patricia Williams’ third son, was born with very thin hair.

When Redd got older, it became clear that he was a true albino, contrary to the doctors’ initial assumption that the youngster was just blond.

His uniqueness and cuteness were enhanced by her flawless white hair and almond-shaped attractive eyes.

To identify the family member who had that genetic condition, doctors conducted study.

When they were finally able to draw a conclusion, it was evident that the infant had inherited traits from his mother’s 85-year-old granny.

She was the lone individual on the Indian reserve and was also born with albinism.

However the grandmother herself was never aware that she was albino because the gene was handed down over a long period of time.

As the grandmother showed a picture of her Indian cousins, in which she was the only blonde, the family unintentionally learned the truth.

The narrative has not yet come to an end, though.

The couple had their second son, who also had the same illness, six years later.

Two youngsters were actively developing into happy, healthy lads.

Fortunately, they were completely normal; the only oddity about them was their distinctive white hair.

Redd was soon much sought after by advertising firms, which invited the young man to participate in several photoshoots for various products.

The parents of Rockwell and Redd are fortunate and proud of their sons for being well-known.

Passersby have even asked them to snap pictures of the kids if they don’t mind.

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