A 12-year-old boy who is clever and hardworking has sorted through trash; so far, he has recycled over 2 million bottles


We’d like to introduce you to Ryan Hickman, a diligent 12-year-old with a lengthy history of running his own company.

This adorable young guy has a keen interest in separating plastic bottles from the trash.

His recycling company was founded recently.

It goes under the name Ryan’s Recycling Business. When he was just a 3-year-old little kid, the action first started.

As soon as they arrived to the facility where all types of trash were separated, he and his father began to carry the trash from the house.

The young youngster enjoyed his work and soon developed an obsession with collecting and categorizing useless bottles.

The child’s first pay was therefore this.

He enthusiastically raced back to his house after receiving his earnings and informed his parents about his plan to collect the trash from their area, gather it in one location, and take it to be recycled.

His parents approved of the concept, so. Also, parents were thrilled that their clever little child had been given such a crucial task.

because protecting the environment comes first is. Therefore, maintaining clean air and space is a crucial goal.

Even though this action took place six years ago, Ryan remains intensely fixated on his work.

After all, he recognized a good reason in it.

Over two million bottles have been gathered throughout the years, and he has made $10,000.

The diligent young man hopes to use this employment to support himself financially while attending school.

He has no problem working as a professional street sweeper.

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