After the kidnapped woman mouths “help me” from the customer’s home, the pizza delivery man rescues her


A Domino’s restaurant in Waldo, Wisconsin employed Joey as a pizza delivery driver.

The idea that a straightforward delivery would result in his being acclaimed as a hero never entered his wildest imagination.

He arrived at the customer’s home to deliver a pizza. Joey gave the pizza to the middle-aged guy who opened the door after he did, but before he left, he was drawn to something.

A terrified woman was attempting to speak to Joey as she was standing behind the man.

She pointed to her right eye, and as soon as Joey saw it, he discovered it was damaged and dark.

In order to prevent the man in front of her from hearing, the woman then mouthed the words “Help me.” quietly.

She mouthed “Call the cops” after a little interval.

Joey dialed 911 only a few seconds after leaving the home and getting back into his car.

When officials arrived, they discovered the awful sight that had taken place inside of what is now referred to as a “house of terror,” earlier that day.

Watch the clip to learn why Joey, the pizza delivery boy, gets given credit for saving the life of this unfortunate lady.

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