Hand in hand.  They both died on the same day after being happily married for 70 years


The elderly couple was able to momentarily reunite in this center after several weeks of separation, where this heartwarming portrait was made.

Their love tale, in which Margaret and Derek Firth met when they were just 14 years old, is no less heartwarming.

Naturally, none of the adults thought the two schoolchildren’s sentiments were as serious as they appeared to be.

The teenagers matured, but their emotions stayed the same.

When they were adults, Margaret and Derek were wed.

Derek worked as a meat cutter while Derek spent the majority of his time working at a school.

The pair got along famously. They had 5 kids, 11 grandchildren, and even four great-grandsons born into the world.

In the previous year, Margaret and Derek both turned 91.

Older spouses who had been hospitalized with a coronavirus illness in January of this year…

Since the pair had never been apart for a protracted period of time, Margaret and Derek missed home a much during the first few weeks while they were in separate centers.

When they could finally see one another, the physicians did so.

Their daughter snapped this extraordinarily touching picture at that same time.

Derek, however, swiftly deteriorated, and he passed tragically a few days later.

Although Margaret appeared to be recovering, it appeared that she still mourned the loss of her loving husband.

The wife also died a short while after, literally…

On the same day, the couples who had been married for more than 70 years yet were unable to stay apart abandoned one another.

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