Everybody was astounded when they revealed their kid to the world after she got married to an albino


What does the off-the-wall child of the albino Bera Ivanishvili and his wife Nanuka Gudavadze look like?

A well-known singer, musician, and model is Bera Ivanishvili.

He is albino, and his physical characteristics have turned into his “lucky ticket” in his line of work.

Bera has posed for several companies throughout the course of her 26 years and taken part in fashion projects and photoshoots.

Additionally, behind him, photos from a concert in the 100,000th stadium received 24 million views.

The musician creates the rhythms and performs on piano, guitar, violin, and percussion.

Ivanishvili has a lot of fans, but his heart has always belonged to only one person.

In November 2019, Bera and model Nanuka Gudavadze had a son they called Beruka. Bera wed Gudavadze in 2018.

Not only Bera and Nanuki but also their child are praised by online users for their attractiveness.

A lot of extremely kind and kind remarks with best wishes may be seen almost under every image.

When they revealed their kid to the world after marrying an albino, everyone was perplexed.

Many people refer to this family as amazing because, in addition to its outward beauty, love and understanding rule there.

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