See what happened after the boy became a dad at 12 and what happened to his family.  22 years later…


A 13-year-old British boy married a 15-year-old woman, according to a British daily newspaper, and they had a child.

Chantelle, Alfie’s gf and the baby’s mother, gave her daughter Maisie that name.

According to the article, Chantelle, then 14, was defeated by him, then 12 years old.

He has promised to be a good father, despite the fact that he appears to be eight rather than thirteen.

I didn’t take the price into account for some reason.

“My dad sometimes gives me money,” the young man from Eastbourne, England, said to the magazine.

I never in a million years imagined being a father. I swear to be trustworthy and responsible.

In addition to living with Chantelle’s mother Penny and their infant, Steve, Chantelle’s 43-year-old father, is also unemployed.

In an Eastbourne municipal house, he also shared a residence with five of his siblings.

The major source of revenue for the household is welfare.

The majority of Alfie’s time with the Steadmans is spent with them.

Alfie, who is now 43 and lives across the town on an estate with his mother, Nicola.

Sean, sadly, neglected his family in favor of his new love interest.

Sean has fallen in love, married, and started a family in the 22 years after the events in the film.

His company is a one-man operation. However, he never loses sight of his daughter.

He gave her and her fam dependable financial assistance throughout the years.

The mom of the girl is a prominent member of society in addition to being married.

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