Having been born with so much hair, the five-month-old baby stops passersby in their tracks


Bobby, who is five months old, has drawn a lot of attention owing to the fact that he has a full head of hair for someone so young.

His mom, Rachel, said in an interview that she uses a hairdryer to style her son’s hair every day to keep it from standing on end.

She noted that it was obvious that her child will have a lot of hair even when she was pregnant.

The obstetricians were shocked to learn that he was born with a lavish haircut despite initial forecasts that a girl would be delivered.

When they are out in public, Rachel’s kid draws a lot of attention, which he has gotten accustomed to and even seems to love like a true celebrity.

She must wash them daily in order to maintain his haircut.

Without styling, his hair would stand on end, giving him a Wolverine-like appearance.

He, on the other hand, appears to like his hairdo and finds it relaxing to stroke his hair before night, which aids in his ability to sleep.

In conclusion, he became somewhat famous at the young age of five months because to his abundant hair.

She takes great care to keep his hair by washing and styling it each day.

He doesn’t appear to mind the attention he gets; in fact, he seems to relish it.

He stands out from other infants his age because to his opulent haircut, which is unquestionably a great head-turner.

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