Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock recreated the well-known huge piano scene from the film “Big”


One of the most difficult things on the planet is to play the piano. You must train a lot, be competent, and perform with all of your soul.

Imagine performing all of that with your legs! Yes, you read that correctly: with legs. Sounds difficult, doesn’t it?

Lately, Tom and Sandra  attempted and compared their talents on one of the renowned shows.

The team made a tough endeavor appear easy, and the crowd appreciated it.

All of this was meaningful for people to see Tom do this because of a moment in one of his films when he hops on a gigantic piano and performs it with his foot.

That was obvious to his true admirers! Ros pulled away after a few chords in their duet act to let him wow the audience on his own, since everybody was having fun watching him.

She let him have his time. Every person in the crowd expected in seeing him replicate the spectacular scene from ‘Big’ and perform ‘Chopsticks.’

And the miracle happened again on stage, astounded everyone.

The comment area was filled with kind sentiments from his fans.

They stated it was incredibly enjoyable to see their two favorite artists on stage together, recreating one of the most memorable movie moments in history.

They both appeared to be comfortable at performing the piano with their toes, which is why many individuals said that they make it look extremely easy, but individuals should acknowledge what they achieved since it is truly a very difficult thing to perform.

The incredible performance, which has been adored by many people all around the world, is available below. It is just one of the show’s greatest moments in history.

You can enjoy it! You will undoubtedly be as amazed as those who witnessed the concert in person, sitting right there.

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