The photographer captured a scene where the mom opossum carries the whole family on her back


For North American opossums, technological advances have not gone unnoticed. Cars constantly flying along the rails pose a great threat to them, because the person behind the wheel may not notice them.

Driving along one of the many suburban roads of Wisconsin, the guy saw in the distance a small opossum, running from side to side.

He was running pretty fast, but something was definitely slowing him down, like he was pulling a big bag.

And, having already arrived, the guy quickly realized that this was not a bag at all, but five fluffy children who clung to their mother while she transferred them from the other side of the road.

They looked very comical – four animals clung to the mother’s body, protecting her well from the wind. But the fifth on the back of the mother did not have enough space, so he grabbed her tail and clung.

Needless to say, she was in an uncomfortable position. Her responsibility could only be envied. How relentlessly she would strive to complete the transition as soon as possible.

The situation in the photo was typical, they had a strong bond. In the US and Canada, with the exception of opossums, there are no more marsupials.

In the abdominal pouch, they feed the children and transport them over long distances when they are still small.

But our heroes have already grown a lot, and they would not fit into the bag. In general, there are a lot of videos on the network that show families of marsupials sitting on the back of a parent.

In addition, children do not just sit on their backs during walks. From 2 to 5 months, they almost do not descend from the mother’s neck. But when they start an independent life, they do not support any company.

If there was no need to give birth to new representatives, they would not contact their relatives.

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