To survive in a house with cats, the parrot learned to “talk” and act like a cat


It’s no secret that some parrots can talk, some of them even sing. But there are also parrots that can speak their own languages.

This is a cockatoo that lives in a house with cats. He had already learned a lot by looking at them and even listening to their sounds. At first they taught him to meow, and then he even began to hiss and growl like cats.

And one day he decided to demonstrate his skills, he began to show how he can growl and meow just like a cat.

It turned out that he had already learned their language and was completely coping with it. The cats were quite shocked when they heard the parrot meow.

Their owner filmed this amazing moment, as the parrot meows along with the cats and the reaction of the cats. He wrote that his parrot understands when to hiss at cats, when it can meow or growl.

He really started to meow like cats, it’s so amazing, he learned everything from them!

In addition, it seems that the parrot has learned not only their language, but also their behavior. He also started dusting himself off like a cat! Living with cats, he started meowing and acting like a cat!

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