Sister sings an Elvis Presley song and her brother plays the piano: the song turns into a mashup…


We all know that there are some siblings who fight all the time, especially if they are in their teens.

But those siblings in the video below don’t! This is due to the fact that they have a common love for music, which takes up most of their lives.

This brother is Keny Holand and his sister Kapri. They love to compose music together, and their voices are so well combined that everyone wants to always listen to them sing together.

They even managed to record a new song on Kenny’s sound equipment and share their talent with everyone in a makeshift home recording studio.

After they uploaded their video to social media, it went viral, and it’s clear why. For any singer it is always important how their vocals sound.

Just listening to them sing, no one realizes how young they are and how talented he is for their age.

We are silent about the fact that these talented brother and sister even combined two of the best songs in the world to perform: Can’t Help Falling in Love and Over the Rainbow!

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