The most unusual couple: she is 61 and he is only 24, their projects are too interesting to hide…


This is one of the most unusual couples in the world! This woman is 61 years old and he is 24. The couple recently got married and already want to start a family. US citizens Kuran and Cheryl are an unusual couple who met through short music videos.

Each one of them made different attempts to take control of the TT page, nothing worked, but it was only when they united that they were able to achieve huge success.

The famous couple’s comedy films have gained over millions of views and have begun a significant increase in channel subscribers, despite the fact that they are 37 years apart in age.

The couple shot commercials all day and soon they began to feel that their connection was based not only on common interests. Over time, they began to notice that they feel something more than joint projects.

Kuran soon proposed to his fiancee in July 2021 and they got married in September. The couple’s international fame and the popularity of their channel quickly grew thanks to their headlines and alliance.

However, the couple’s life was still lacking and they recently made the decision to become parents.

Cheryl and Kuran are already thinking about using a surrogate mother to help them, this is also being openly explored. The woman knows that she herself can not have children and therefore they decided to use a method that is pretty good for them.

The couple will be ready to adopt a child from an orphanage if such a wife is not found. This would definitely allow them to unite into one single and whole family!

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