In the US, a dog broke into a nursery several times to warn parents that something was wrong with the baby


In life, we often ignore things like allergens or air conditioning.

However, those who live with animals have the advantage that they are not so easy to ignore – our cute pets rest next to us and when it comes to our well-being, they use their sixth sense, and sometimes this intuition of theirs can save lives.

Kelly Andrew shared the story of how her hero dog Henry, an 8-year-old Boston Terrier, saved her daughter’s life.

Both parents knew that their child had a cold, but the pet felt that things were much worse. That night, the dog kept breaking into the nursery and waking up the baby. But soon the 9-month-old girl suddenly stopped breathing.

The woman’s post went viral, touching the hearts of thousands and sparking conversations about how pets make our lives better.

Kelly is a Boston-based writer who told the story of how her four-legged pet Henry saved the life of her 9-month-old daughter.

At night, he kept breaking into the nursery and waking up the child. She was sick and suddenly stopped breathing.

They spent the night in the hospital. It is impossible to imagine what would have happened if he had not woken her up. We really don’t deserve dogs.

He kept pushing on the nursery door, ramming his head into it to sniff it.

In an interview with Kelly, Andrew mentioned that every time she chased Henry away, he would come back as soon as she turned away.

Luckily, this behavior was unusual for their pet, so it caught their attention just in time to rush their child to the hospital.

“She didn’t clear her airways. She began to turn blue and stiff, she just could not breathe, ”the woman said.

At the hospital, doctors were able to clear the girl’s airways and made sure she was well enough to return home. The couple did not regret the kind words addressed to their furry friend and already their hero.

Now they are definitely pampering the dog a little more. Recently, they let him sleep in bed with them, and in the future he will have a delicious steak.

“He’s never done anything so heroic before,” Kelly said.

This post became viral very quickly, now people are sharing their stories of similar content, the main actors in which were animals. If it was interesting, please share it with your friends and family !

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