The kitten with a frown won the heart of his foster mother and now they can’t imagine their lives without each other


The kitty came to a woman’s house with his unhappy face and grew up to be a sweet cat.

The rescuers brought a litter of kittens to the shelter, which were about 4-5 weeks old. one of the kittens was significantly smaller than the others and different from its siblings.

Then it became clear that he was born with dwarfism and was the only one like that.

He weighed less than the other cats, and besides that, he had a very “angry” face.

Michelle learning about the kittens expressed her willingness to take care of the babies.

When she met the smallest kitty named Widget, he immediately caught Michelle’s attention. As if it was love at first sight.

His siblings were growing up very fast,but Widget had little progress. In addition, his “frown” but sweet face became more pronounced in a few weeks. But you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

He had such a sweet nature who loved to cuddle with his foster mother the most. Their bond grew stronger day by day.

Within a few weeks, all his siblings got adoped and they all found forever homes.

But Widget had a great future ahead of him too. Michelle really wanted to adopt Widget and luckily they allowed her to do it.

She could not imagine her life without him. We are so happy for them.

As his mom once mentioned, the cat’s super frowny face can have 60 different emotions in a matter of minutes.

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