After more than 100 years of his death the sweet dog still continues receiving his favorite gift: sticks


Receiving gifts even after 100years of death…

This story is about Rex, a miracle wet nose. Dogs are the most intelligent and loyal animals.

This doggie died more than100 years ago, but the fact is that he still continues to receive gifts on his birthday from the townspeople.

They still remember that sweet and kind dog, which was the pet of a food seller, and everyone was already familiar with the story of that miraculous dog.

His owner simply adored his beloved pet. Their bond was so strong that they remained inseparable even after death.

Rex rests next to his father in the same cemetery. He loved his owner with eternal love.

The grave is a bronze-copy of the dog which the residents made as a tribute.

Recently, one photo appeared on social networks showing how ethe townspeople still bring him the dog’s favorite gift – sticks and leave them next to the dog’s monument.

That photo immediately went viral all over the internet.

So many years have passed, but they still continue to pay their respects to that miraculous dog by carrying those sticks for him.

RIP sweetheart. You will be loved forever.

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