The service dog saved the life of his mom warning her that she had serious heart disease


Have you ever thought how sad our life would be without our pets?

These sweeties fill our lives with love and warmth, filling every minute of our lives with joy.

As for Shauna Darcy, her beloved puppy has not only made her life better, but even saved her.

A woman naned Darcy had some problems with depression and thought hoped that a service dog would help her overcome it all.

Ruby was simply incredible and promptly became her favorite companion.

Dog’s love for her new mom actually saved Darcy’s life.

Darcy said that when he had started to notice changes in her heart rate the dog would start to get her attention with his paw.

So she, acknowledging the dog’s concerns, decided to see a doctor.

She was found to have a syndrome vascular Ehlers-Danslos. It’s aconsidered to bae a very rare heart condition.

The sweet dog is now helping his mother monitor her heart rate and take her medications.

Just a few weeks ago, the dog wanted to ”tell” her something, as if to tell her that something was wrong, and even though she was feeling fine, Darcy decided to call an ambulance.

This decision simply saved her life and once again trusting the dog was the best decision.

She had a heart disease when the heart rate becomes abnormalry high.

Ruby never left his mother’s side for a moment.

Even when she was lying unconscious, her dog just sat by her side because he understood that his mom needed his love the most. He is an absolute miracle.

Darcy will always be grateful to him for saving her life.

She considers himself so lucky to have such a wonderful friend who is always by her side and does everything to see her happy.

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