Little Red Hiding hood and her sweet companion ”Big Bad Wolf” won everyone’s heart with their adorable outfits


This sweet girl and her husky managed to win everyone’s heart.

Their photos went viral within minutes due to their super adorable outfits.

The girl’s name is Agata. That day, they were celebrating the carnival in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy and decided to dress up as famous characters from the fairy taIe.

Agatha looked gorgeous, and when she was joined by her gorgeous companion, the scene became simply perfect.

The beautiful Husky is Yanuk, who decided to accompany the girl in the image of an evil wolf.

He was dressed as the Big Bad Wolf who transformed into her grandmother, but he looked so cute.

They looked like they really came out of a fairy tale, straight from the pages of the book.

Then just look at his glasses and purple shawl. How can he be so sweet?

The good guy matched Agatha’s sweet dress perfectly.

They can be considered the most beautiful duo that ever existed in history. Everyone was so amazed by this amazing couple.

It’s clear that they have fantastic company and are very lucky to have such great friends.

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