During the street performance the stray dog approached to help the actor who was pretending to be injured


Probaby ypu have already been convinced that dogs are human’s best friend and even more.

Dogs are the brightest point of our life. They are our rescuers, supporters, protectors, companions and so on.

People and dogs are undoubtedly able to form a unique relationship, such a deep connection that is difficult to describe in words.

Many times we have also heard many stories about those heroic dogs who saved the lives of their owners, risking their own lives.

On a very usual day, during a street performance, the actor had to lie on the ground and pretend to be injured by falling off a horse.

But all that was understood in a completely different way by the furry audience, which was closely following them.

Seeing that man lying on the ground, the kind-hearted dog certainly could not remain indifferent and rushed to help him.

Uzunso,the actor, who was lying on the ground with his eyes closed, was surprised when the dog approached him.

The dog first sniffed the man, then licked his face and seemed to be trying to hug him, bringing his chin close to him.

A Uzunso’s eyes were closed at first he thought it was his partner approaching him, but when he realized it was a furry creature, he started to smile.

The others watched in amazement at that scene. It was such an adorable moment.

They started applauding the sweet dog, which he really deserved.

The dog didn’t leave the area for a while to make sure everything was really okay with his friend.

After all that, the actor wanted to see the puppy again, helping him find a permanent home.

The locals told him that they often see that dog in that area.

Surely he will do everything for the dog, thus expressing his gratitude.

What a sweet and wonderful story.

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