Abandoned with her puppies, the mother dog heroically found food every day until rescuers arrived.


Ermioni and her friends, Caterina and Fotini, decided to start a rescue organization together, which is for stray animals.
Recently, they met a dog on the street that they will never forget.

A verystubborn mother dog proved how independent she is.

She was gathering food in the village to feed her puppies.

The dog was satisfied with what she could get from kind people.

She was ready for everything so that her babies would not stay hungry.

When the organizatio found out about the mother dog, they were very worried about them all and rushed to help the small family.

They first found the puppies hiding under the old tank waiting for their mother to return.

According to information received by the DAR, the dog used to have a family, but had been abandoned and left outside with her puppies.

Mira soon returned, and it was time for the rescuers to do what they came there for.

They wanted to take them to a shelter, but it was not as easy as they imagined.

The mother was very cautious and they had to fight for a long time to win her trust.

In the end they finally succeeded.

They finally had a safe place to sleep and no doubt kind people will do everything for their happy future.

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