After being rescued from lifestock auction, the unusual mini cow befriended 12 dogs on the farm


A sweet cow named Moonpie is quite unusual, as he has 12 closest friends on the farm, all of whom are dogs.

Moonpie appeared on the farm when he was rescued from an animal auction.

Many animals are bought and sold every day being kept in very poor conditions.

One day, one of Janice Wolfe’s friends decided to go to such an auction, and when she saw the little cow, she simply could not leave him there.

This calf was much smaller than other ones and such cows are quite rare at auctions.

So she liked the mini-cow so much that she bought it and brought it to the farm.

The baby cow still needs to drink milk and besides, he is not kept outside like other cows.

So this cow met his new friends right at home, who had also been rescued from very bad conditions and brought to the farm.
The cow especially adored Spackle.

Spackle is the kindest dog in the farm, who is also blind.

He loves to interact with everyone and especially has a very special attitude towards the cow.

They are always together and the dogs licks the little cow. The two sweeties even sleep together.

There are many other animals in the shelter, all of which were saved from certain cruel conditions, and thanks to these people, they all got a second chance at life.

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